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22 June 2006 @ 05:33 pm
I think all of Japanese citizens were too into the World Cup. There was no update until today, so it wasn't my fault O:) Too bad we lost :(

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19 June 2006 @ 03:51 pm
I wonder how many days I will continue updating this this time... :P

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01 June 2006 @ 02:53 pm
Hello, long time no see... >.>

Anime movie "Kidou Sentai Z Gundam - Hoshi o Tsugu Mono -" is doing well on sales box office. It started on May 28.

Manga "ARIA" will be adapted to Anime. "ARIA" is by Amano Kozue, being serialized in Monthly Comic Blade. There are 6 volumes for manga so far. More details to come on Comic Blade August issue (6/30)!


Novel "Yattokame Tanteidan" will be adapted to Anime. The story is based in Nagoya, where oceanizer is from :D! Yeah, that's all I wanted to mention... >.>

Toei Animation and Gento-sha announced "Ga-nime" (art anime).
"Ga-nime" will display static art/drawings one by one, and will have music and speech with it. " 「画ニメ」は、紙芝居のように静止画を順次表示し、それに音楽や台詞などを重ねた映像コンテンツ。アニメーションのようなキャラクターの動きは少ないが、ズームやパン、トランジションなど、構図や編集テクニックを駆使する「リミテッド・アニメーション」の手法を採用。静止画に時間軸の変化を持たせて魅力を引き出し、フルアニメーションとは異なる視点で“想像力を刺激する”コンテンツを目指すという。"
Usually when creating animation, it requires many staff and expensive budget, so it's harder for individual artist to create it on his own. On the other hand on ... ... (*rolls around* *lazy*)

Rozen Maiden vol 7 limited edition will be released. "Shinku (crimson) Figure," which is 6cm tall, will come with it. 2940 yen.
20 April 2006 @ 02:11 pm

- Please let me know if you like the format I use today.
- If you haven't noticed yet, MangaNews has launched its manga news site, ComiPress.

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14 March 2006 @ 01:03 pm
Ministry of Foreign Affairs decided to found "Kaigai Kouryuu Shingi-kai" (Foreign Exchange Deliberative Council) to deepen foreigner's understading against Japan through its anime and/or music.

Production IG and Shouchiku will announce new 24-episode TV anime in 23th Tokyo Int'l Anime Fair. The series name hasn't been disclosed yet, but story is based on Story: Hijikata Chou (sp); Art: Yumeji Kiriko's Chevalier.
// Just noticed that they took news from ANN o.o

Shinkai Makoto, an anime director, has announced a production of three anime in his website. According to Mr. Shinkai, three titles are about 10+ minutes to several 10s minutes (how do you say that?). It'll be about 60 minutes total and he's planning to release 3 titles together.

Classic anime from 1970s, Araiguma Rascal, has been presented to Ejiton (sp), Wisconsin, for the launch of new town library. This story is staged on Ejiton.
// Make sure to use proper English here... x.x

Meitantei Conan the Movie will celebrate its 10th anniversary. 10th title, Meitantei Conan, Tantei tachi no Requiem, will be shown from April 15, 2006. Preceeding to the release, there will be the eve meeting "Meitantei Conan Secret Night" on April 14 at Tokyo Ikebukuro HUMAX Chinemas 4 from 9:30pm to 5:15am. Takayama Minami, Kamiya Akira, and Yamazaki Wakana will be the guests. Guests under 18 years old will not be permitted since this is a midnight event.

Tokyo Int'l Anime Fair will held a charity auction for the second time. Silent auction will be held on March 25 (10:00am-6:00pm) and 26 (10:00am-4:30pm). Stage auction will be held on March 25 4:30pm-6pm. Sample items can be viewed at above link.

Including renamed anime titles and OVA animes, total of 68 new anime will start this spring. See above link for what anime will be starting.

Mobida Entertainment of Soft Bank Group has announced the new monthly manga magazine, Shounen Blood. It will be released on April 12 for 290 yen. At same time, Keitai Blood (cell phone, 315 yen, same contents as magazine) and Web Blood (original titles) will be released as well.

The first manga review TV program, Manga no Genba, will be aired from April 4. The program will talk about the hottest manga titles and/or authors and introduce what's so great and funny about it.
1st episode: Inoue Takehiko - Bagabond, Kusaka Satoki - Helpman.
2nd: Suzuki Misono - Zeni, Akimoto Osamu - Kochi Kame.
3rd: Kawasumi Hiroshi -Taishi Kakka no Ryouri-nin, Itagaki Keisuke - Baki.
06 March 2006 @ 10:06 am
Read more in detail at the links provided...

Toei Video Limited will release live action movie "Saishuu Heiki Kanojo" in DVD.

Doumoto Kouichi (27) of Kinki Kids will be voicing in anime "Jyu Ousei" as a first time. He will be singing the theme song "Deep in your heart" as well. Juuseiou was serialized in LaLa from 1993 for ten years.

My-ZHime will be aired for one hour on March 30: TV Tokyo 25:30-26:30 (epi 25 and 26)

Three junior highers (14~15 years old) in Japan was arrested for stealing manga and selling them to their friends at school. They stole about 400 volumes on October/November last year and sold them about 200 yen each.

Strawberry Panic will be adapted to anime. It will be aired from April.

According to the opinion poll, 73.3% of Chinese HS students and 81.4% of Korean HS students read/watch Japanese Manga/Anime.

According to Ministry of Foreign Affairs, popular soccer anime, Captain Tsubasa, will be dubbed to Arabic and will be donated free of charge to Iraq broadcasting station.

- Toei Animation Limited will enlighten animation line up for youngsters in 2006.
- Air Gear will be aired from April 4 on TV Tokyo.
- Ringu ni Kakero 1 Japan vs USA will be aired from April 6 on TV Asahi.
- Kamisama Kazoku will be aired May 18 on Animax.

According to Weekly Shounen Magazine issue 13, Ikebukuro West Gate Park will be adapted to manga. Asaki Masashi will be drawing the art. It will be serialized from Magazine issue 14 for 8 weeks.

Yahoo and Weekly Young Sunday will hold a charity auction at Yahoo! Auction. There will be original goods of 26 popular manga artists and limited items from editors. This auction is held in order to commemorate Weekly Young Sunday's 20th anniversary.
- Signatures: Adachi Mitsuru, Yamada Takatoshi (Dr. Kotoh)
- Right to publish your picture on Weekly Young Sunday
- etc
Money will be donated to Green Cross Japan.
At same time, a special page at Yahoo! JAPAN will feature special episodes of manga artists and wallpaper downloads, etc. http://ysc20.com will be hosting total of 30 titles (4000 pages) online.

Futari wa Pretty Cure is licensed by 4Kids Entertainment.

Zegapain's official site is launched. It will be aired from April 6 at 18:00 on TV Tokyo.

Macross news from NY ComiCon.

Disgaea is adapted to anime and screening will be held on March 19.

Original anime Den'nou Coil is in production. Production is hiring for animation production staff.

goo replenished its anime contents.

Sasaki Mamoru has passed away from an internal disease. 69 years old. Sasaki Mamoru has handled scripts for Koushikei, Ultraman, Seven Cops, Heidi, Kyojin no Hoshi, etc.