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21 April 2006 @ 02:09 pm
April 21, 2006  

Shonen Serialization Update
Champion RED July issue
- Gakuen Sousei Nekoten! by Iwahara Yuuji

Other News
Fuji TV will renew their site on April 21 and add columns, glavias, and reader participation corners. Upon renewal, Mr. Fukuhara Nobuharu has promoted to the chief editor. There will be 21 titles including "Mikan Seijin Grill" by Shirosaki Kazuma, Hanakuma Yuusaku, and Tosa Masamichi. In column, they will feature Economics, Blog Novel, and Imperial Family Watch. As for images, they have prepared Digi★Takeshi featuring glavias idols, Hana no Oshiogoto Zukan featuring interviews to the professionals. In Takeshi club, they invites readers to post images and animations. It will be updated on every Friday.


Press conference for the movie Death Note was held and 9 casts including Fujiwara Tatsuya, Matsuyama Ken'ichi, and Seto Asaka. Shinigami Ryuk also attended.

An apple was placed on one of the seats at the press conference. Since only whoever touched Death Note could see Ryuk, they've placed an apple so people will know where Ryuk is. In the movie, Ryuk will be represented with CG.

One of the questions asked in the press conference was "What would you do if your beloved ones were killed by Death Note?" Many casts were lost in thought, however, Hosokawa Shigeki answered "I'll revenge without any doubt. I've read many revenge novels, so I know what I should do!" In the press conference, Fujiwara mentioned that he enjoyed playing while feeling the big pressure and satisfaction.

Death Note the movie will opened to the public from June 17 at Marunouchi Purazeeru and other locations. According to Warner Bros, ticket sales for advance sale is more than Harry Potter and Sorcerer's Stone.

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Preview of Hachimitsu to Clover were held at Tokyo Shibuya Cinema Rise to celebrate its completion of shooting the film. Prior to the preview, Sakurai Sho (24) said "I was a warped person who did not understand the method of telling the others the feeling of love, but now I felt it's importance of telling those feelings and keeps loving. I changed my thought on love."

Bandai Visual will make a DVD Box for Slayers TV Anime. It will contain new original drama CD. It'll go on sale on May 26 - September 30 for 23100 yen.

Comi-Digi (petit-)renewaled again! The new name will be Comi-Digi+ (plus) and will be released on April 21. The color page will contain KogeDonbo's "Kon Kon Kokon." Two chapters of Galaxy Angel 3rd, total of 72 pages will have a cover page, too.