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01 June 2006 @ 02:53 pm
June 1, 2006  
Hello, long time no see... >.>

Anime movie "Kidou Sentai Z Gundam - Hoshi o Tsugu Mono -" is doing well on sales box office. It started on May 28.

Manga "ARIA" will be adapted to Anime. "ARIA" is by Amano Kozue, being serialized in Monthly Comic Blade. There are 6 volumes for manga so far. More details to come on Comic Blade August issue (6/30)!


Novel "Yattokame Tanteidan" will be adapted to Anime. The story is based in Nagoya, where oceanizer is from :D! Yeah, that's all I wanted to mention... >.>

Toei Animation and Gento-sha announced "Ga-nime" (art anime).
"Ga-nime" will display static art/drawings one by one, and will have music and speech with it. " 「画ニメ」は、紙芝居のように静止画を順次表示し、それに音楽や台詞などを重ねた映像コンテンツ。アニメーションのようなキャラクターの動きは少ないが、ズームやパン、トランジションなど、構図や編集テクニックを駆使する「リミテッド・アニメーション」の手法を採用。静止画に時間軸の変化を持たせて魅力を引き出し、フルアニメーションとは異なる視点で“想像力を刺激する”コンテンツを目指すという。"
Usually when creating animation, it requires many staff and expensive budget, so it's harder for individual artist to create it on his own. On the other hand on ... ... (*rolls around* *lazy*)

Rozen Maiden vol 7 limited edition will be released. "Shinku (crimson) Figure," which is 6cm tall, will come with it. 2940 yen.